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"We have been talking about "multiple personality disorder". I am intrigued by this complex. I see it as an exaggerated or hardened state of a quality we all possess. The complex is characterized by a lack of affectivity, empathy and interaction - a general disconnection from the world. Moving from one person to another, one context or situation to another, adapting to or bubbling over into the other, all without losing one’s identity. It could in fact be a good quality to have, as it might just be an asset to our functioning in the world today. Multiply the personal in a reality without contours."

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lifeonmars -

Xabi, gracias.

lifeonmars -

daniel, ¿no te gustan las cosas intrigantes? A mí si
Cada uno puede sacar sus propias conclusiones... ¡Imagino!

lifeonmars -

poderío, don't you like intriguing things? I do
Each one can take their own conclusions... I guess!

lifeonmars -

Xabi, te lo he puesto en bandeja... ;-)
Más bien yo lo llamaría error # garrafal.
Espero que algún día sepas perdonarme.
Te quiero.
Un beso.

Xabi -

daniel -

si, es muy intrigante, q paso? q paso?

poderío -

This is so intriguing... What happened?

Xabi -

error # 6

Olvidarse de algunas fechas como la de ayer... ;)