Oh, what a night

The dancers and drinkers, gossips and gatecrashers, the scenes and the scandals... There’s nothing as thrilling as a great party.

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Katherine Graham (publisher):
"Truman called me up that summer and said, "I think you need cheering up. And I’m going to give you a ball."
"Well", I said, "I don’t need cheering up and what are you talking about?" I was totally baffled.
He said, "Yes, yes, I’ve always had this idea for a black-and-white ball."
He told me he’d always loved the black-and-white scene at the racetrack in My Fair Lady."
TRUMAN CAPOTE (George Plimpton)

Hombre, no será tan inolvidable como la famosa "fiesta-en-blanco-y-negro" que organizó Capote (se dice que la mejor fiesta de la historia), pero espero que la fiesta que tenemos esta noche en casa sea al menos divertida.

Estoy seguro que lo pasaremos bien.

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